Wedding Videography: How Expensive Can It Be

wedding videographyCapturing precious moments in their wedding is important for couples. They want to remember their wonderful union even years after it happened. This is made possible through the wedding photos captured by their trusted professional photographer. These wedding photos can be printed or made available through DVDs or digital copies.

We all know that a skilled wedding photographer York can effectively produce brilliant wedding photos that tell a great story of their wedding. But then, have you considered the other best option in capturing your wedding moments? Well, I am talking about wedding videography.

What is Wedding Videography?

Wedding videography refers to the recording of events that happened during your wedding. The video may contain the actual footage of your exchanging of vows or your wedding party. It may also include candid moment of you and your guests during the wedding. You can see guests laughing and having fun and at some parts there might be several guests or relatives who look emotional. You might not have seen these moments during the actual wedding but through the video you can see moments from a different viewpoint.

Is it Really Important to Hire a Wedding Videographer?

Now, the question is: Is it really important to hire a wedding videographer and how much does wedding videography service cost? For sure, you will initially think that wedding videography is too expensive. Some of you might find it impractical since you already have the wedding photographer to capture events as they unfold during your wedding. But well, wedding videography is not as expensive as you might think it is. It is also definitely important for a wedding and I worth every investment you pour into it.

Wedding videography is somehow different to wedding photography. With a wedding video, you can see the actual moments and you can feel the emotions of joy, sadness of nervousness of you, your partner and your guests. You can view “behind the scene” moments which you might not have noticed during your wedding. You can keep this wedding video and show it to your children or grandchildren in the future. They can see your valued guests even when they are no longer around by then.

How Much Does Wedding Videography Cost?

Wedding videography service rates differ by location. Videographers in your location may offer it at a lower rate than those in a nearby city. Wedding videographers also vary in their asking rate because they usually base it on their skills, experience, equipment used, hours of coverage and length of the video.

You can avail wedding videography service for a reasonable rate as long as you carefully choose the wedding videographer to hire. Expect more experienced videographer to ask for a higher rate but not to worry because some of them give discounts depending on the season. There are also skilled videographers who offer an affordable or average rate. Wedding videography services can be availed for as low as $500 or as high as $5,000. The average rate is between $2,000-3,000 but of course it can still change depending on the deliverable product and length of video.

Wedding videography is certainly worth considering for your wedding. If you can afford it without having to borrow money, then go ahead and hire a wedding videographer. It is best if your videographer gets along with your wedding photographer Birmingham so they can plan together on how to cover your wedding. Make sure to have a detailed, signed contract with your videographer so you get protected against fraud.

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