Traditional or Photojournalistic: Which is Better?

wedding photographyWith the many different styles of photography today, it can be very confusing which one is better than the other. Choosing the best photography style to use is one of the important decisions that a newbie photographer has to make. His decision must depend on the type of photography he is into and what he comfortable with.

For amateur wedding photographers, there are two common types of wedding photography styles that they can choose from: traditional and photojournalistic. These two styles are sometimes called by different names but each style has distinct characteristics which amateur photographers must be aware of.

Characteristics of Traditional Style of Photography

Traditional style is what most wedding photographers like wedding photographer essex are used to following before. It is where formal individual and group portrait shots are done before and during the wedding. The wedding photographer usually gives directions to his subjects on where to position and what pose to make. The scenes for the pictorial are usually setup according to what the photographer thinks will look great in pictures.

Characteristics of Photojournalistic Approach

Photojournalistic (or sometimes referred as reportage) style focuses on capturing precious moments in the wedding as they happen. The wedding photographer doesn’t give any directions to the couple or their guests when taking shots. Moreover, he doesn’t alter the scenes in preparation for a shot. The wedding photographer just take shots based on what he thinks is important to capture. But of course, he needs to be skilled and knowledgeable in this style to be able to do it perfectly.

One of the questions that a couple usually ask to professional wedding photographers is “What style are you going to use for my wedding”. If you are new to wedding photography, you will have to choose what style to use and how to convince the client that your style is better than others.

Traditional vs Photojournalistic

Going back to choosing between traditional and photojournalistic, there are important factors to consider when picking out a style. You can ask yourself these questions:

  1. Is there enough time to setup before taking pictures?

Traditional photography usually consumes more time since a photographer needs to set up the place or give instructions to his subjects on what pose to do. But well, if the wedding itinerary includes an hour of pictorial before the wedding and several minutes of taking shots during the wedding, then that is fine.

  1. Is there a wedding shot list that the couple wants me to use?

If the couple desires to have a picture of all their guests, then traditional style works best. They can be assured that most if not all their guests will be captured on camera. There are also guests who love to be photographed before the wedding so they still look fresh and gorgeous.

  1. Will the couple and their guests feel comfortable?

Some people feel uneasy when photographed so for this photojournalistic might be the better choice.  You can shoot from a distance without being intrusive or obvious to your subject.

  1. Which tells a better story?

Wedding photographers of Piers Photography aim to present to the newlywed a wedding album that shows a beautiful, touching story of their union. Photojournalistic can definitely capture more realistic moments as compared to traditional.

In this modern day, a professional wedding photographer must be flexible and skilled in both traditional and photojournalistic. It is best if you can combine both approach and create your own style. Maybe you can take some formal shots during the wedding just to make sure the subjects look great. Then, from time to time, you can take candid shots during the wedding ceremony and party. Nothing will be left out or missed.


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