The 5 Shots You Must Always Get When Photographing a Wedding

wedding photographerAttending the wedding of a friend or relative is something we always look forward to. We love to join them in celebrating this momentous event. We like seeing them exchange vows with their chosen spouse. We even feel bad when we miss this important event and whenever we do; we always look forward to seeing their wedding photos. This is what makes a wedding photographer’s job really important.

A wedding photographer must be able to capture the best moments in a wedding and these moments can be seen by the couple, their guests as well as those who missed their wedding. Wedding photos presented in a wedding album can create a wonderful story that is worth keeping as well as sharing with others.

A couple should choose a wedding photographer who knows what shots they must not miss. There are wedding photos that are very important not only for the couple but to the people who are dear to them.

A professional wedding photographer should skilled, knowledgeable and prepared for each wedding event. He should know where to position himself to get the must-needed shots. He should also be smart enough to anticipate what will happen next so he can determine the right spot for him to capture good shots.

Some photographers prepare a shot list while others ask the couple for a shot list and later just add to it. We’ve asked our photographer friends for their opinions on what shots they must always get when photographing a wedding and here are the top 5 answers.

  1. The bridal dress before the bride wears it

Since the bride is the one who is usually more excited and busy in preparing for the wedding, it will definitely make her happy to be able to keep a picture of her bridal dress before she wears it. Brides will certainly treasure this very important picture of her wedding dress.

  1. Bride walking down the aisle

Professional photographers like Wedding photographer Cheshire agree that this is a really must-have wedding shot. Never miss taking a picture of the bride walking down the aisle with her parents toward the groom. You have to capture not only the beauty of the bride but also the emotions on her face. This is one of the wedding photographers that the couple is surely looking forward to see.

  1. Exchange of “I Dos” at the altar

One of the best moments during the wedding is the exchange of vows. Make sure you get a shot of the couple with their guests. The picture should show the reaction of the couple and their guests. This shot usually shows a mixture of happiness, drama and excitement. Essex wedding photographer never misses this shot.

  1. First dance of the couple

After the wedding ceremony, the first dance of the couple will be highly anticipated by the guests.  This dance will be their first official dance as a couple and this is one big reason why you must capture this.

  1. A Group Shot at the Wedding Party

The wedding party is the couple’s way of celebrating their joy with relatives and friends. Photographing the couple with the friends enjoying this special day will surely make your client happy. This is one of the photos that the couple and their friends want to see right after the wedding day.

Preparing a shot list for the wedding event that you will cover can help ensure that you get the most desired, anticipated shots taken. Customer satisfaction is important in this business and if you satisfy your customers, they surely put in a good word for you.

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