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Choosing Your First DSLR for Professional Photography

dslr cameraNow that you have undoubtedly decided to be a professional photographer, finding the DSLR camera that fits your needs must be your topmost priority. Among the brands and models out in the market today are Sigma, Olympus, Canon, Sony and Nikon. You can find a lot of these brands in different stores ranging from entry-level cameras to more advanced units.

Choosing your first DSLR camera might look so easy but it is complicated, as if finding a needle in a haystack as described by a known photographer. The choice of brand must not only be based on the brand name but should also be based in other various factors.

Here are some tips you may want to consider in choosing your first DSLR camera.

  1. Budget

Remember that photographer like you should be wise when it comes to buying the right DSLR since it would directly affect all your future career plans.

Owning a DSLR unit does not mean having the complete package at your hand even though some brands include basic accessories. If you want to be serious in this kind of business, you would surely need some top of the line accessories like lenses, tripod, etc.

Try to compare prices and promos in terms of payment mode or included accessories, in different camera store to be able to choose which one would give you the best advantage of all.

  1. Camera Comfort

Different online stores are now considered to be as competitive as its physical store especially at the onset of different social media. Don’t be surprised to see products like DSLR cameras being sold in the online market. Although this is slowly becoming the trend in the market, going to the camera store and physically hold the camera of your choice would be the best idea in owning your DSLR camera.

We all know cameras come in different brands, models and size and being able to actually hold the camera is better so you will know if it is comfortable or easy to carry.

  1. Research

As mentioned earlier, some photographers think of buying a camera as similar to finding a needle in a haystack. Now to avoid confusion and waste of valuable time, try to do some research first on your top three (3) choices. Check the camera specs, accessories included and similar important information. Make sure the camera fits your type of photography and needs.

  1. Speed

In the world of photography, speed (system speed and shutter speed) is very important regardless of whether you are into portrait photography or the more exciting sports photography and the like. Photographers must be able take shots fast and catch those fleeting special moments. Staffordshire wedding photographers certainly find speed important in covering a wedding

  1. ISO Performance

ISO simply defines how sensitive to light your camera is – which means the higher its ISO the better your camera would perform in low light situations. Common DSLR units have ISO capabilities of 100 – 1,600 range but for some high-end units, ISO ranges from 3,200 – 6400 and even at 12,800. The problem with high ISO though is that it usually produces more noise in your image so you will have to set the ISO to just the right setting so the image won’t appear grainy.

Keep in mind that your choice of DSLR camera can affect your professional career in many ways. Thus, you need to be very careful in choosing your first DSLR camera.

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