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Basic Night Photography Tips Worth Remembering

night photography tipsWhen we hear about night photography, most of us think of shooting outdoors in the dark but lighted with street lamps or car lights. We imagine producing pictures that are different from the normal photos we get from shooting at day time.

But well, night photography is quite challenging but definitely rewarding. It requires knowledge and skills to be able to perfect your night photos. For those who have been doing night photography for quite a while, they already gained a lot through experience so they somehow know how to do it. But then, for those who are aspiring to become good in night photography, they still need to study and practice to gain the necessary skills and knowledge

If you are one of the beginner night photographers, here are basic night photography tips that are worth remembering.

  1. Pick the right aperture

Since there is less light during the night, you can adjust your camera’s settings to allow more light to get in. You can do it by picking the right aperture and aperture is calibrated in f/stops. You can test your camera to see which aperture is best to choose for night photography.

  1. Set at manual mode

Most DSLRs offer many shooting modes but one of the common modes in cameras which is useful in night photography is the Manual mode. Manual mode lets you totally control your camera so you can adjust the aperture and shutter speed depending on what you think is right for your location. Hence, it is important that you master your camera and learn how each control, function or feature works. All professional wedding photographers Andover and night photographers master their cameras before using.

  1. Keep your camera steady

Night photography involves long exposure and that means there should be less to no movement of the camera when taking pictures. Even the slightest movement can result to blurry and dark images. It would help if you an accessory like a tripod to stabilize your camera and then use self-timer to take pictures or use a remote release shutter so you do not have to press your camera’s button.

  1. Shoot in raw

Aside from adjusting your camera to allow more light to get in, it is also best to shoot in raw. Shooting in raw can give you pictures that are unprocessed so no data gets lost. The image information is preserved so it will be easier for you to edit the image particularly its exposure during post production. Even the best wedding photographer Cheshire shoots in RAW.

  1. Boost your ISO

In photography, the ISO refers to the sensitivity of the camera. The lower the number, the better the quality of image. Cameras vary in their lowest ISO or what they call base ISO and your base will give you the highest image quality. But then, in night photography, light is not enough so you will need to boost your ISO. Increasing ISO is usually done in low-light environment and at night time. This allows the photographer to get an image even in the dark although noise can lessen the quality of image so you have to be careful in choosing.

The tips mentioned above can helpful get you started in night photography. If you can choose the location for a shoot, find one that has street lamps or other sources of light so you don’t have to worry a lot about sufficiency of light.

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