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Top 5 Careers in Professional Photography

professional photographerIn the past, many young adults who informed their parents of their desire to become a photographer receive words of discouragement. The parents are normally against the idea of their son or daughter getting into photography because they believe that field does not offer too much and their child won’t become successful or known at it.

But well, today, more and more people especially parents have realized that professional photography offers a lot of opportunities and can be a good source of income. Although it is true that at the beginning you may not to invest in the equipment and may not earn a lot, but then if you will just persevere, you will certainly succeed in the field of professional photography.

There are different careers that you can choose from when doing professional photography. The top 5 careers that are worth getting into are the following.

  1. Portrait Photographer

Portrait photography is a form of photography where one specializes in shooting pictures of people. You can take courses in this field so you can later become a professional portrait photographer. Becoming a portrait photographer can be a good choice as career because of its broad coverage and you almost won’t run out of client. You can take pictures ranging from simple individual portraits to big family portraits. A portrait photographer can offer a specific portrait photography service or choose to offer the generic portrait photo services.

As a portrait photographer, you can choose to work in a photography company or studio or setup your own home portrait studio where you can accept clients requesting for a portrait session.

  1. Event Photographer

An event photographer is someone who takes pictures in various events from simple product launching to big wedding events. Events happen here and there and every now and then, you can certainly get bookings for birthday parties, wedding anniversaries and other special events.

A lot of people give importance to keeping something to remember on a special day and one memorable item worth keeping is a striking event photo. Once you’ve gotten a name in the photography industry, you will definitely not run out of clients and bookings.

  1. Fashion Photographer

A fashion photographer is sometimes called a commercial photographer. The main task of this photographer is to take photos of products or services being promoted by a particular company.

As a fashion or commercial photographer you will be paid well especially if the company knows you already have an extensive experience in this field. A commercial photographer is expected to be a people person or someone who gets along well with other people, may it be a client or co-worker. Additionally, a fashion or commercial photographer must have plenty of ideas up his sleeves in order to come up with creative or interesting promotional images.

  1. Photojournalist

A photojournalist is someone who is always looking for something unusual to happen which he/ she can capture on camera. He/she can be hired a company to record moments in a particular event or be hired a couple to shoot at their wedding. The style of a photojournalist is to take pictures as moments unfold. There will be no manipulation of scenes or giving of directions at the subject thus more-natural looking and candid pictures are produced. Photojournalists are expected to be adventurous, active, patient and always on the go. They bring their cameras almost everywhere they go.

  1. Freelance Photographer

A freelance photographer is a photographer who works whenever called to or requested. He/she manages his own time and generally offers different kinds of services – from portrait sessions to wedding events.

If you desire to become a freelance photographer, you have to establish a name in the photography industry first. Make sure people know that you are indeed skilled and knowledgeable in professional photography because potential clients normally won’t hire someone whom they are not sure if qualified to take on the job.

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