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How to Capture Memorable Family Photographs

A family photograph is something to be treasured by a family as it gets to capture the type of bond a family has. It becomes even more precious when it becomes part of an album that contains nothing but family photos as they detail how much the family has changed over the years, such as the kids growing up, except for the bond the members have with one another

As a family photographer, like in baby photography you have the primary task of making sure these bonds are captured beautifully on camera. After all, these are priceless mementos in the making and you have to make sure they will turn out great. To help, we have provided a few tips to help you in capturing such memorable family photos.


Some photographers hate using tripods, especially in doing portraits like family photos as they tend to limit their style and freedom to do some creative shots. However, one thing going for tripods is that you get to have more stable shots. This means no risk of blurred images and you are able to better adjust the settings of your camera for better photos to be taken. This also allows you to interact better with your subjects, especially children, so they can look good in those photos you will shoot.


The thing about portraits is that people tend to look stiff and emotionless in those photos. While there is nothing wrong with that, this is only appropriate in certain situations. As far as family photos are concerned, being stiff is the last thing people should look like in the photos. As a photographer, try to direct your subjects into more interesting poses or arrangements for starters. You can arrange them in a more dynamic setup by placing them in a somewhat diagonal direction. Also, try to get them to bend a few body parts to look more natural even with a few simple poses like with the arms or hands or tilt the head a little bit.


Many times, parents will tell their kids to “be good and smile” before a photo session. Unfortunately, many kids feel being pressured, that they would have to do this “act.” As photographers, you must not put such more pressure. Instead, encourage the kids to have fun and be themselves. Make the kids feel that they are there to have a good time, not be pressured in taking their photo. Of course, you would have to act silly. Nevertheless, be ready to capture those moments when they come.



Sometimes, people are hesitant to have their photos taken because they don’t look good on the camera. As a photographer, you have to empathize and be skillful in going around those insecurities to make them feel a bit more confident in front of the camera. Experiment with angles, poses, and looks for the perfect shot that will make your subject stand out well.


Last tip is to no take yourself so seriously. As a way to help ease these usually tiring sessions, try to have them do some wacky poses, a jump shot or whatever fun moment in mind to better highlight the family as a happy and fun one. These fun moments are what will make those family photographs even more special and something that will be cherished for many years to come.

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