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Top 5 Event Photography Tips for Newbie Photographers

event photography tipsVarious events happen every now and then and in different parts of the world. We get to attend birthday parties, wedding celebrations, company events, anniversaries and even fundraisings. These events are important to the organizer or celebrant so they carefully planned to make an event successful and memorable. They want the moments in these events to be remembered especially if they want to promote their company.

Event photography is considered to be important by most event organizer or hosts. They want the moments of their hosted event to be captured on camera. Some of the event pics are intended to be used as promotional materials while others are for personal use or safekeeping. Professional event photographers are quite in demand today because more and more people have realized the importance of keeping pictures of these wonderful events or occasions.

With the promising demand on event photographers, quite many photographers have decided to focus on covering events and becoming an event photographer. Newbie photographers who have yet to decide on what type of photography to specialize in are now eyeing event photography. They think that event photography gives them a lot of opportunities to grow, learn and earn a good income.

For newbie photographers who want to be a great event photographer like this essex wedding photographer, here are the top tips that you can follow to achieve your career goal.

  1. Practice shooting in family occasions

It is a wise move for a newbie like you to practice shooting whenever there is a celebration, event or occasion in the family. Pretend that you have been hired to cover the celebration. Test your shots and cover the whole event. By practicing your shots during the event, you can develop your photography skills and learn from your mistakes.

  1. Take more group shots than solo

Being sensitive about people’s feelings is important when working as an event photographer. Remember that there are individuals who detest being photographed. They shy away from the camera or might even get mad if you insist on taking pictures of him/her. A good solution to this is to  take more group shot than solo shots. Most individuals prefer being photographed in a group.

  1. Do it quick

When covering events, it is best to work fast yet accurately. You have to take quick shots of the people and moments during the event. This can help you cover a lot of happenings as well as avoid making the guests feel uncomfortable. If you want to photograph people, you can approach them nicely and tell them you’ll get a quick shot of them.

  1. Observe or work as an assistant to a pro

You can surely learn a lot from those professional event photographers who have worked on a lot of weddings. Observe how they work, what techniques they use in shooting and even how they deal with people. It is best if you can work as an assistant to a pro for you surely learn from through apprenticeship.

  1. Shoot plenty

You need to move fast when taking pictures of an event so you can capture more fleeting special moments. You can set your camera to burst shooting mode or similar to it in order to get plenty of pictures in one click. This can give you more pictures to choose from when doing the post processing of the best event images.

Event photography is fun career to get into. You get to meet a lot of people and learn more about photography while earning a good income.

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