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How to Familiarize Fast Your First DSLR Camera

wedding tipsGetting your hands on your first ever DSLR camera surely made you feel excited to start shooting. But then, upon seeing the different controls on your camera as well as the thick manual that comes with it, you suddenly felt intimidated. You are tempted to just go ahead and practice shooting instead of reading the manual that you find time-consuming.

Well, while it may take some time to finish reading the manual, being able to start familiarizing your camera fast is possible by following these steps:

  1. Learn the shooting modes in your camera

You will notice that there are different dials in your camera with letters A, P, M or similar. These letters represent the shooting modes that your camera has to offer. The labels for these modes sometimes differ among cameras but they basically mean the same.

The common shooting modes are the following:

  1. Aperture priority – this allows you to choose the aperture to use for the shoot while letting the camera select the right shutter speed. It is best to use this mode when shooting in low light or when the location has insufficient light. The wider the aperture, the more light gets in the camera and makes the captured image clear.
  2. Shutter speed priority – this mode lets you determine the shutter speed while the camera chooses the aperture to use. This mode is best for sports photographers or those who fast moving objects often. Shutter speed priority mode can freeze moving subjects so the capture image is still sharp and visible.
  3. Manual mode – if you want to full control over how your images would look like, then choose the manual mode. It allows you to set the aperture, shutter, speed, white balance, exposure and many others. This shooting mode is ideal for those who are already have a wide experience in photography.
  4. Program mode – this mode lets you control the built-in flash, the white balance and most of all the ISO while the rest will be auto-set by the camera.

After learning the shooting modes, focus on the mode that you think is best to use for the type of photography you are into.

  1. Understand basic photography terms

Photographers need to understand the basic photography terms in order to familiarize their camera faster and of course learn about photography even better. If you are new to digital photography, you will have to read and understand the common terms you will encounter as a photographer. This can help you master photography faster.

  1. Know the difference of RAW and JPEG

Your DSLR camera can be set to shoot in RAW or JPEG. A raw file is basically an unprocessed image that you can later enhance or edit to your desire later during post-production. One the other hand, jpeg is an image that is automatically processed and delivered by the camera. Most professional photographers like this photographer berkshire shoot in RAW. You will need to understand the difference between the two so you can better select the one that suits your needs.

  1. Skim the manual from time to time

Spend every free time you have in skimming through the manual so you will learn more correct information. If you encounter a trouble, open the manual for you will surely find the answer to your question or solution to the problem.

  1. Read reviews online

There are online forums for photographers where you can join in or visit whenever you need answers for any problem you encounter with your DSLR. There are also sites by professional photographers that offer valuable information for first time DSLR users or amateur photographers.

DSLR cameras are not the ordinary point and shoot digital camera. These DSLR are way much better that the old digital we use. Make sure to get the most out of it by familiarizing how it works and how you can capture great images through it.

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