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Boudoir Photography Tips For The First Timers

boudoir photographyAre you interested in becoming a boudoir photographer? Are you one of the wedding photographers who want to learn boudoir photography so you can also offer it to your clients?

Well, boudoir photography is a hot topic among women who want to try out something new or give a unique gift to their soon-to-be spouse. This field of photography is also gaining the interest of professional photographers particularly kent wedding photographers. Boudoir photography is somehow a challenging type of photography for many reasons.

In boudoir photography, you have to gain the trust of your female client. Your female client will not right away choose you especially if you are a new boudoir photographer. You need to show her that you are skilled, credible and trustworthy. Be honest when talking to her and discuss the details clearly.

Below are several helpful tips for amateur photographers to help you prepare for your first shoot.

  1. Learn how to pose a woman through frequent practice

Women have different body types and sizes so it is important that you know the right poses for her depending on her type. One way to learn how to pose a woman is through practice. Look at yourself in the mirror and try different poses. You can also hire models and practice shooting by having do different poses. If you are on a budget, have some family members of varying sizes do some poses.

  1. Tell client ahead of schedule to wear loose clothes

Inform your client ahead on the importance of wearing loose-fitting clothes when going to the location. This is to prevent any unwanted marks on their body that will not look good in pictures.

  1. Invest in some props for more creative shoots

Buy several props that can make your client’s photos unique or more personalized. You may consider purchasing assorted hats, jewelry, flowers and other similar props. Encourage your client as well to bring props that they can use to make their photos more different.

  1. Keep moving to find the best angles

Aside from learning how to pose a woman, it is also vital for you to find the right angles to shoot from. Keep moving, go up, get down, move to the sides just to find the angle that will compliment your client’s curves or make her look slimmer and accentuate her assets.

  1. Observe the light before shooting

Indeed light is important in all forms of photography. You need sufficient light in order for your subject to look visible and clear. In boudoir photography, you have to consider positioning your subject where the light will drop well or flatter her curves. You can try to capture her positioned a few steps against the light to see if she looks great. Or you can also move your light source, use some reflectors and observe how the light works on her.

  1. Inform client on what to bring

Give suggestions to your client on what she needs to bring. Most of them are first timers too so they need your guidance on what to bring or how to prepare for their boudoir photo shoot. You can have them bring several lingerie or sexy outfits, heels, false lashes, jewelry and props. Tell her also the importance of getting her hair and make up done professionally. She can either do it on her own if she is good at it or hire a professional hair and makeup artist.

Both client and photographer need to prepare for a photo shoot. They must work hand in hand and discuss things thoroughly in order for the boudoir shoot to be fun, memorable and successful.

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