Should you choose a studio photo-shoot or an on-location shoot?

The advent and development of the mobile phone technology has accelerated the extent to which people enjoy and share moments courtesy of photography. It is important though to note that mobile phones cannot replace the high quality equipment used in professional photography. It is no wonder that most people still hire professional photography services to document their life moments. Choosing whether to have a studio photo shoot or an on-location one is a critical aspect of any professional photo shoot. This article offers simple and clear guidelines to help you determine which to choose in case you need to have a professional photo shooting session. The most common points of consideration include:

· The weather conditions

· The presence or absence of babies in the photo session

· The lighting conditions

· The projected outcome of the final image

· Your personal convenience

The weather plays a critical part on the decision whether to have an on-location photo-shoot or a studio photo shoot. Poor weather conditions like excessive sunlight, rainy conditions could hamper your on-location shooting. While rain could obviously cause damage to the quality of the pictures, the sun’s glare could also cause shadow effects on your face. In such cases, you could decide to go for the studio photo shoot or reschedule the session till the weather is more favorable.

Photo shoots for new babies are better and easily done at home. Young toddlers on the other hand are preferable to have on-location shooting. Since they are more mobile and relaxed outside, places like the garden, the beach or a country house are more ideal for them. Studio photo shooting would also be ideal if you want to achieve beautiful portraits for your family pictures. In such cases, the professional photographer would advise on the demands for your end.

Unlike in the studio where the photographer has total control of he lighting conditions, the on-location shooting is more challenging. The sun keeps on alternating between coming out and hiding under the clouds. This definitely means that achieving the perfect shot is an enormous task. According the lighting conditions outside, the photographer is able to advice for the best option between having shots on the location and going to the studio.

Professional photographers opt to take photos outside. They aim to achieve more natural and relaxed photos as opposed to formal photos. Depending on the occasion, the photographer would definitely discuss with you on the image that you desire to have. In more occasions though, family pictures, wedding pictures, and other occasional pictures are better taken on location. The natural and relaxed images speak more volumes about the occasion than a photo taken in the studio.

In as much as the photo shooting session should aim for the best, the limits should lie on your personal convenience. Factors such as cost and time should not stretch beyond your reach. Regardless of the option you choose, you should always ensure that the session offers you the desired product at the convenience of your personal limits. Such an approach ensures that you enjoy the session and feel the self-satisfaction it brings.

Whatever you decide, make sure you hire a professional – if you would like me to photograph your family then please get in touch.

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