The best way to capture the best portrait is to know what your subject’s character is. The best way to learn about it is to take time to talk, this gives you an utmost idea of the nature that your subject is about to reveal. Try looking at the eyes to tell how he or she feels, the picture tells you the complete story behind it. You can take pictures of your subject while you are both talking, just try to put off the flash of your camera to avoid distractions. This gives you the most natural look that your subject has.

Not letting your subject know that you are already taking pictures while you are both talking gives the most natural side of him/her. The big plus also includes the location and the scene you are taking the shot with. Their must be adequate amount of light and everything must be perfect according to your senses. This time, you need to use your instinct and senses too to know if it’s the best time to take pictures or not. For more details about portraits, you can watch the video below.

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