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Tips for Better Outdoor Portrait Shots

outdoor portraitOutdoor portrait photography is completely different from the portrait photo session done in studios. This form of photography is usually conducted in an open environment wherein a photographer like you is presented with a whole new set of challenges that you need to overcome.  An example of this is the excessive brightness coming from the sun particularly at midday.

There’s nothing to worry about though as there are many ways you can get your shots right even when faced with these difficulties. Here are some tips for amateur portrait photographers who want to take better outdoor portraits.

  1. Choose your equipment wisely

Capturing great outdoor portraits can be challenging since you often need to cope up with too bright environment. You need to know how you can lessen the light entering into the camera so it cannot affect the picture quality. One way to overcome this challenge is to use the right equipment. You need to use some accessories to lessen, diffuse or bounce the light. This wedding photographer Hertfordshire is very good in controlling the light that enters into his camera.

Here are some accessories you must buy and practice using for outdoor portrait shoots.

  • reflector
  • wireless flash trigger
  • telephoto zoom lens
  • flash diffuser
  • fast prime lens
  1. Remove distracting objects from the scene

It is fun to do outdoor portraits because you can pick a great outdoor location and produce unique, awesome photos. But then in choosing the outdoor location, you have to look for a clutter-free background for your subject. Keep in mind that this is a portrait shoot and in portrait photography, the focus is on people and not on landscape or anything else. You need to check the scene first and remove any distracting object before you click on your camera.

  1. Apply the “Rule of Thirds”

Have your heard about “The Rule of Third”? It simply states that images will look pleasing when its regions or subjects are composed along imaginary lines (3 horizontal, 3 vertical) which equally divide the entire scene. Compose or frame your image first and apply the rule of thirds whenever necessary before taking shots.

  1. Shoot during the golden hours

Take advantage of the natural light from the sun by shooting during the golden hours. Golden hour refers to the period where the sunlight is at its best – first hour in the morning after the sun comes and an hour before the sun gets down. The sun is not too bright during these times thus helping you produce more awesome outdoor portraits. Visit the website of this pittsburgh family photographer to get ideas on how outdoor portraits should look like.

  1. Bounce the light

If the scheduled photo shoot is on midday where light is too bright, you can use accessories like reflector, white cloth, ring light, disc reflector. You can either bounce the light or diffuse it. These accessories can help you avoid casting shadows on your subjects which may look ugly in the pictures.

  1. Find some shade

If you only have your camera and lens and there are no other accessories you can use, find a location that is somehow shaded. Choose also the right spot to position yourself or the best camera angles when taking shots.

With practice and determination, you can surely master how to photograph outdoors and deliver perfect outdoor pictures.

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