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10 Most Important Shots You Must Get When Photographing a Wedding

wedding photographyBeing chosen to photograph a wedding can be flattering and exciting especially if it is your very first wedding event. You need to be prepared for this make or break first coverage since this will either impress or disappoint your first client.

Apart from buying and learning how to use your cameras and other accessories, you also need to decide on what style you’re going to use and what shots you will make. There are some wedding photographers who neglect the importance of getting prepared for each wedding and eventually regret not planning ahead.

One way to prepare for the wedding is to make a checklist of the important shots you must get in this very special event. Regardless of whether you are going to use the traditional or photojournalistic approach, it is vital for you to capture the precious moments before, during and after the wedding. You need to make up your mind on what moments to look forward to and what pictures to shoot.

Below are the top 10 wedding shots that most photographers think are important to be captured in a wedding.

  1. Wedding Accessories

Before the bride and groom wear their respective clothes and accessories, you need to take shots of each. Among the items you need to photograph are the bridal gown, shoes, rings, bible, jewelry, garter and bridal bouquet.

  1. Wedding Venues

A great deal of preparation was done to make the venue look elegant and romantic. Don’t miss taking a shot of the wedding venue or locations before the wedding starts. The couple will really treasure this shot of the place where they exchanged vows and celebrated their union.

  1. Bride’s Preparation

Take shots of the bride while putting on her gown and photograph also her bridesmaids who are fixing their hair and make-up. Make sure to ask permission first so as not to intrude their privacy. Take a picture also of the bride and her mom while the latter helps the bride with the final retouches.

  1. Groom’s Preparation

Capture an image of the groom and his groomsmen doing the necessary preparations. You can also take portrait shots of the groom and his parents, the groom and groomsmen and solo shots of the groom.

  1. Bride & Father

This shot is perhaps the most memorable for the bride and her family. Expect for this moment to be dramatic since both bride and father will feel emotional while walking down the aisle towards the groom. Wedding photographer buckinghamshire makes sure to get a shot of this momentous episode.

  1. Shot of Bride and Groom during the Ceremony

A defining moment of this wedding is the exchange of vows between the bride and groom. Capture this wonderful moment and make sure you are in the right spot in taking the shot. It would be best if the guests are included in it.

  1. The First Kiss

The most important shot of all is the couple’s first kiss. You should not fail to get a perfect shot of this key moment because this is one of the pictures that the couple are really looking forward to keeping.

  1. Shot of the Reception

A wide angle shot of the wedding reception with all the wonderful decorations is very important. Make sure to capture a good shot of this before the wedding party starts.

  1. The First Dance

A picture of the wedding couple swaying to tune of their favorite music for their very first dance as a couple is another not-to-be-missed shot.   Wedding photographer derby never misses taking a shot of this precious moment.

  1. Group Shot at the Wedding Party

A group shot will all the guests in it will surely be treasure by the couple. Position yourself in a spot where you everybody can be included in the picture. Use the right lens and check your camera settings so you can get this shot right.

You can also ask the couple on what shots they want you to include so you don’t miss anything. They can either give you a checklist or you can prepare one with their suggestions in it.

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The 5 Shots You Must Always Get When Photographing a Wedding

wedding photographerAttending the wedding of a friend or relative is something we always look forward to. We love to join them in celebrating this momentous event. We like seeing them exchange vows with their chosen spouse. We even feel bad when we miss this important event and whenever we do; we always look forward to seeing their wedding photos. This is what makes a wedding photographer’s job really important.

A wedding photographer must be able to capture the best moments in a wedding and these moments can be seen by the couple, their guests as well as those who missed their wedding. Wedding photos presented in a wedding album can create a wonderful story that is worth keeping as well as sharing with others.

A couple should choose a wedding photographer who knows what shots they must not miss. There are wedding photos that are very important not only for the couple but to the people who are dear to them.

A professional wedding photographer should skilled, knowledgeable and prepared for each wedding event. He should know where to position himself to get the must-needed shots. He should also be smart enough to anticipate what will happen next so he can determine the right spot for him to capture good shots.

Some photographers prepare a shot list while others ask the couple for a shot list and later just add to it. We’ve asked our photographer friends for their opinions on what shots they must always get when photographing a wedding and here are the top 5 answers.

  1. The bridal dress before the bride wears it

Since the bride is the one who is usually more excited and busy in preparing for the wedding, it will definitely make her happy to be able to keep a picture of her bridal dress before she wears it. Brides will certainly treasure this very important picture of her wedding dress.

  1. Bride walking down the aisle

Professional photographers like Wedding photographer Cheshire agree that this is a really must-have wedding shot. Never miss taking a picture of the bride walking down the aisle with her parents toward the groom. You have to capture not only the beauty of the bride but also the emotions on her face. This is one of the wedding photographers that the couple is surely looking forward to see.

  1. Exchange of “I Dos” at the altar

One of the best moments during the wedding is the exchange of vows. Make sure you get a shot of the couple with their guests. The picture should show the reaction of the couple and their guests. This shot usually shows a mixture of happiness, drama and excitement. Essex wedding photographer never misses this shot.

  1. First dance of the couple

After the wedding ceremony, the first dance of the couple will be highly anticipated by the guests.  This dance will be their first official dance as a couple and this is one big reason why you must capture this.

  1. A Group Shot at the Wedding Party

The wedding party is the couple’s way of celebrating their joy with relatives and friends. Photographing the couple with the friends enjoying this special day will surely make your client happy. This is one of the photos that the couple and their friends want to see right after the wedding day.

Preparing a shot list for the wedding event that you will cover can help ensure that you get the most desired, anticipated shots taken. Customer satisfaction is important in this business and if you satisfy your customers, they surely put in a good word for you.

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Different Wedding Photography Styles Explained

wedding photography stylePlanning a wedding can be very exciting and a bit stressful. There are many things that you as a couple must prepare, decide on and finalize. You also need to contact different vendors and set appointments with each before deciding on which ones are the best to hire for this special day.

Needless to say, hiring a professional wedding photographer is surely among the top services that couples like you take great consideration in. You want the best wedding photographer who can make this special event even more special by documenting the entire wedding – from the wedding preparations up to the after-wedding party moments.

Wedding photographers use different photography styles and so it is important to ask ahead on what style he plans to use when covering your wedding. You also need to understand what these styles are so you can choose the right one for your wedding.

There are 3 popular wedding photography styles that are mostly applied by photographers in shooting wedding. Below is a detailed explanation of each of the 3 styles

Conventional or Traditional Wedding Photography Style

Traditional photography style is a pioneer among all wedding photography styles. This is the style we usually see in the weddings from decades ago and even up to now. In traditional wedding photography style, the photographer spends time setting up the photo shoot locations and giving instructions to the couple and their guests.

During the wedding ceremony and party, the photographer will come in every now and then to ask the couple to pose for the cam.

If you particularly want to see formal pictures of your guests as well as you and your partner, then you might like this conventional style. This style focuses on capturing formal group shots, family shots, individual or couple portraits. This buckinghamshire wedding photographer is very good in taking portrait shots.

You can even provide a shoot list to the photographer so he will not miss photographing an important person, item, location or moment. The downside though is that some of your guests might feel uneasy posing for the camera whenever signaled by the photographer for a shoot.

Reportage or Photojournalistic

In photojournalistic wedding photography style, the photographer takes shots discreetly. There will be minimal intervention from the photographer and the couple will have more freedom to roam around and focus on the wedding itself.

Reportage or Photojournalistic approach aims to capture candid and real moments during the wedding. It is like creating a narrative of a story as it unfolds. Reportage wedding photos will show the real emotions of the couple and their guests. You can see some who are in tears during the exchange of vows while in other pics you will see genuine happiness among the couple and their guests.

You can check out the website of this documentary wedding photographer to find out more about photojournalistic wedding photography style.

Contemporary or Artistic

Another popular wedding photography style is the contemporary or artistic style. In contemporary style, you can see pictures taken from unique angles and the poses are also uncommon. Photographers using this style take a long time and great effort in editing the pictures to make it more aesthetic. Sometimes the final output is very different from the original image. If you choose this contemporary wedding photography style, make sure you hire a photographer who is really skilled in this photography style and not just pretending to be one.

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Tips on using Flash photography with your DSLR camera

Semi-professional and entry-level DSLR cameras usually have built-in pop-up flash units. In low light environments you can use the built-in flash to add some additional light on your subjects. However, there is a problem with built-in flashes. They fire direct and harsh light that does not look very good, in some situations and especially on people. We will give you the answer in this short article to the question: when should you use the in-built flash on your DSLR.

Flash photography is an art form and not just for shooting in low-light conditions. New DSLR cameras come with exceptionally high ISOs. But flash photography isn’t dead just because they make it possible to shoot in virtual darkness.

For a beginner photographer it might be difficult at first to master flash photography and confusing to understand the pro jargon such as remote triggers, flash exposure, and rear curtain sync. However, learning how to use the in-built flash on your DSLR camera really isn’t as complicated as you may think. A little flash light can make a great difference to your shots, whether you’re using more complex multiple off-camera flash techniques in order to achieve arty effects or just your in-built pop-up flash to eliminate shadows from portraits.

There are products on the market that allow you to diffuse the light coming out of your in-built flash. However, we don’t recommend those products for the following reasons:

· It is difficult to redirecting the light from the in-built flash.

· Your in-built flash is pretty weak as if you try to diffuse its light you will lose plenty of it.

· It is not necessary to waste money on products that are not going to give you considerably better results.

Instead to waste money on a flash diffuser, we recommend you to try some simple light bouncing by using a piece of paper. For instance, when shooting indoors, you can simply hold a large letter-size piece of paper in front of your in-built flash when you take a picture. If your image is underexposed you can try increasing your camera ISO to help with exposure or increase the flash power by using flash compensation on your camera.

You can also your in-built flash as fill-flash outdoors. These are the situations when you’ll find your pop-up flash the most helpful. For instance, when you shoot against bright backgrounds you might end up with an underexposed subject and a properly exposed background. In these situations you can use your in-built flash to improve the results, since your flash light will lit your subject’s face.

Most new DSLR cameras can control the way the in-built flash fires. For instance, on Sony and Nikon DSLR models you have at least three options, rear curtain sync, front curtain sync, and slow curtain sync. In case of Canon DSLR cameras and some other brands, the rear curtain sync is called “2nd curtain sync”.

On all DSLR cameras the Front Curtain Sync is the default setting. In this setting the in-built Flash fires a pre-flash to analyze what flash power should be used and then, at the beginning of the exposure, immediately fires the main flash.

When using the Rear Curtain Sync the DSLR camera fires a pre-flash at the beginning of the exposure and the main flash at the end.

In Slow Curtain Sync setting the camera fires both the pre-flash and the main flash at the beginning of the exposure. The difference between this setting and and front curtain sync, is that the camera in Aperture Priority and Auto modes slows down the shutter speed when using slow curtain sync.

Always remember though that flash is an art form in itself – just look at the images from this Kent based wedding photographer and you will see exactly what I mean – – it can takes years to learn how to use flash properly, so don’t be dismayed by your early attempts.

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What to Expect at a Newborn Photography Shoot

There is no better way of welcoming your newborn angel into the world than scheduling an expert photo-shoot. This is simply because the images captured are memories you are going to treasure for the rest of your life. Experts say that it is best if you go in for a shoot when the baby is between 5-10 days old. Always work with a highly professional photographer who has specialized in newborn photography to get the best results. At the back of your mind, there should be a list of things of what to expect at a newborn photography shoot and some of these include:

What to expect at a newborn photography shootWe need an infant friendly environment

For obvious reasons, the environment where the newborn baby shoot takes place is normally different than the other types of photo-shoots. The child needs to be in a place where it will feel as comfortable as possible so that it can be happy during the shoot. Regardless of whether you are having the shoot done at home or at the studio, the room should have appropriate lighting and temperatures need to be about 80 degrees since most photos are taken in the child’s birthday suit (with/without a diaper) or putting on light clothing. There should also be a wide array of props that are baby friendly which can be used to produce amazing results.

It may take some time – please allow 2-3 hours

It takes about 2-3 hours or even more to complete a newborn shoot thus you should never be in a hurry to complete it. You may not really know what your child will be up to thus you need to set aside some time for feedings, changing, soothing and trying to keep the baby awake. One of the most important reasons why you need to work with an expert baby photographer is the fact that you may not be 100% well from hospital thus he or she needs to be able to handle your precious child with utmost care and love if you want everything to run smoothly.

We ask you to follow some simple rules

Depending on the photographer you are working with, most of them will advise on the type of clothing as well as color that the parents and siblings are supposed to adorn for the shoot for outstanding pictures. Horizontal lines, prints and branded items are normally frowned upon. It’s advisable to iron the clothes and use lint roller because lint and wrinkles have tendencies of staining pictures. Be sure to consult with the photographer on everything that needs to be done before and on the big day to enjoy the shoot with minimal frustrations.

Keep things as quiet as possible

This is another thing on the list of what to expect at a newborn photography shoot. It is especially important if the shoot is happening at home as you should try and keep noise levels to the minimum so as not to startle the baby. Most professionals will have a white machine to help maintain a calm environment for the shoot to go on without too many interruptions to ensure everything falls in place well.

So there you have it – what to expect at a newborn photography photoshoot.

Now here’s what you shouldn’t expect – a wonderful piece of satire centred around my favourite baby photographer Anne Geddes – enjoy!

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Should you choose a studio photo-shoot or an on-location shoot?

The advent and development of the mobile phone technology has accelerated the extent to which people enjoy and share moments courtesy of photography. It is important though to note that mobile phones cannot replace the high quality equipment used in professional photography. It is no wonder that most people still hire professional photography services to document their life moments. Choosing whether to have a studio photo shoot or an on-location one is a critical aspect of any professional photo shoot. This article offers simple and clear guidelines to help you determine which to choose in case you need to have a professional photo shooting session. The most common points of consideration include:

· The weather conditions

· The presence or absence of babies in the photo session

· The lighting conditions

· The projected outcome of the final image

· Your personal convenience

The weather plays a critical part on the decision whether to have an on-location photo-shoot or a studio photo shoot. Poor weather conditions like excessive sunlight, rainy conditions could hamper your on-location shooting. While rain could obviously cause damage to the quality of the pictures, the sun’s glare could also cause shadow effects on your face. In such cases, you could decide to go for the studio photo shoot or reschedule the session till the weather is more favorable.

Photo shoots for new babies are better and easily done at home. Young toddlers on the other hand are preferable to have on-location shooting. Since they are more mobile and relaxed outside, places like the garden, the beach or a country house are more ideal for them. Studio photo shooting would also be ideal if you want to achieve beautiful portraits for your family pictures. In such cases, the professional photographer would advise on the demands for your end.

Unlike in the studio where the photographer has total control of he lighting conditions, the on-location shooting is more challenging. The sun keeps on alternating between coming out and hiding under the clouds. This definitely means that achieving the perfect shot is an enormous task. According the lighting conditions outside, the photographer is able to advice for the best option between having shots on the location and going to the studio.

Professional photographers opt to take photos outside. They aim to achieve more natural and relaxed photos as opposed to formal photos. Depending on the occasion, the photographer would definitely discuss with you on the image that you desire to have. In more occasions though, family pictures, wedding pictures, and other occasional pictures are better taken on location. The natural and relaxed images speak more volumes about the occasion than a photo taken in the studio.

In as much as the photo shooting session should aim for the best, the limits should lie on your personal convenience. Factors such as cost and time should not stretch beyond your reach. Regardless of the option you choose, you should always ensure that the session offers you the desired product at the convenience of your personal limits. Such an approach ensures that you enjoy the session and feel the self-satisfaction it brings.

Whatever you decide, make sure you hire a professional – if you would like me to photograph your family then please get in touch.

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The best way to capture the best portrait is to know what your subject’s character is. The best way to learn about it is to take time to talk, this gives you an utmost idea of the nature that your subject is about to reveal. Try looking at the eyes to tell how he or she feels, the picture tells you the complete story behind it. You can take pictures of your subject while you are both talking, just try to put off the flash of your camera to avoid distractions. This gives you the most natural look that your subject has.

Not letting your subject know that you are already taking pictures while you are both talking gives the most natural side of him/her. The big plus also includes the location and the scene you are taking the shot with. Their must be adequate amount of light and everything must be perfect according to your senses. This time, you need to use your instinct and senses too to know if it’s the best time to take pictures or not. For more details about portraits, you can watch the video below.

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