8 Newborn Photography Props You’ll Need

babyNowadays, most photographers use props in their photography sessions. Props can make a shot more creative and interesting. Props can also help reveal the personality of your subject. A lot of vendors are now selling different kinds of props especially cute props for newborns.

In newborn photography, cute props are used for different purposes. Some props are utilized as support for the newborn. Other props serve as cover for the baby to make him/her look more adorable. In general, newborn photography props can add more beauty to the image. It can make the subject, the baby; standout and the photo look more remarkable.

If you’re interested to become a newborn photographer, here are some props that you should buy for a more fun and exciting photography session.

  1. Faux furs

Faux furs are great to use on the floor for the baby to lie down. A solid-colored faux fur looks great in pictures and can make the baby stand out. The texture is also soft making the baby feel relaxed and comfortable.

  1. Hammocks

Baby hammocks are very cute props that can surely make the newborn look more adorable. It is also generally safe to use and versatile for a more creative shot. A hammock can emphasize the petite size of the newborn which can create a really artistic image. You can buy them online or in baby shops.

  1. Stretch head bands

Stretch headbands are soft, safe and attractive to use for female newborns. Make sure to check it first before buying and ensure it is not tight so it won’t hurt the baby’s head. Photographers from newborn photography Calgary like to put this on their female newborn clients.

  1. Baby blanket

Baby blankets are a must have for newborn photographers. You can place it on the bed, inside another prop (like a basket or blanket) to provide stability or use a baby blanket to wrap the baby for a more comfortable pose.

  1. Baby hats

The newborn will also look cute if he/she only has a baby hat with no clothes on. It will give focus on the main subject which is the baby. You can buy baby hats in classic colors and there are also hats in more attractive colors like baby pink, lavender and light blue.

  1. Baby basket and buckets

Baby baskets, buckets and boxes are a favorite among newborn or baby photographers. You can buy them in different shops or order them from reliable suppliers online. When use these props in a newborn photo shoot, you need to put blankets inside to keep the baby warm and to keep the basket or box from tumbling or falling. Make sure the prop is sturdy before positioning the baby in it.

  1. Baby wraps

Baby wraps are often used on baby as replacement for his/her clothes. A baby wrap doesn’t only make a baby look more adorable but it also gives them a warm feeling which keeps the baby in deep sleep. In choosing wraps to buy, look for soft texture that won’t harm a baby’s delicate skin.

  1. Bean bag

Beanies or bean bags are widely used by newborn photographers. You can find them in different sizes, shapes and colors, just choose what you think suits your needs. Make sure though that the fabric is soft and washable so it will be safe to use and can be cleaned fast.

The props you bought must always be washed or sanitized before and after using. This will ensure that you baby is safe and that the props will last for a long time.

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