10 Most Important Shots You Must Get When Photographing a Wedding

wedding photographyBeing chosen to photograph a wedding can be flattering and exciting especially if it is your very first wedding event. You need to be prepared for this make or break first coverage since this will either impress or disappoint your first client.

Apart from buying and learning how to use your cameras and other accessories, you also need to decide on what style you’re going to use and what shots you will make. There are some wedding photographers who neglect the importance of getting prepared for each wedding and eventually regret not planning ahead.

One way to prepare for the wedding is to make a checklist of the important shots you must get in this very special event. Regardless of whether you are going to use the traditional or photojournalistic approach, it is vital for you to capture the precious moments before, during and after the wedding. You need to make up your mind on what moments to look forward to and what pictures to shoot.

Below are the top 10 wedding shots that most photographers think are important to be captured in a wedding.

  1. Wedding Accessories

Before the bride and groom wear their respective clothes and accessories, you need to take shots of each. Among the items you need to photograph are the bridal gown, shoes, rings, bible, jewelry, garter and bridal bouquet.

  1. Wedding Venues

A great deal of preparation was done to make the venue look elegant and romantic. Don’t miss taking a shot of the wedding venue or locations before the wedding starts. The couple will really treasure this shot of the place where they exchanged vows and celebrated their union.

  1. Bride’s Preparation

Take shots of the bride while putting on her gown and photograph also her bridesmaids who are fixing their hair and make-up. Make sure to ask permission first so as not to intrude their privacy. Take a picture also of the bride and her mom while the latter helps the bride with the final retouches.

  1. Groom’s Preparation

Capture an image of the groom and his groomsmen doing the necessary preparations. You can also take portrait shots of the groom and his parents, the groom and groomsmen and solo shots of the groom.

  1. Bride & Father

This shot is perhaps the most memorable for the bride and her family. Expect for this moment to be dramatic since both bride and father will feel emotional while walking down the aisle towards the groom. Wedding photographer buckinghamshire makes sure to get a shot of this momentous episode.

  1. Shot of Bride and Groom during the Ceremony

A defining moment of this wedding is the exchange of vows between the bride and groom. Capture this wonderful moment and make sure you are in the right spot in taking the shot. It would be best if the guests are included in it.

  1. The First Kiss

The most important shot of all is the couple’s first kiss. You should not fail to get a perfect shot of this key moment because this is one of the pictures that the couple are really looking forward to keeping.

  1. Shot of the Reception

A wide angle shot of the wedding reception with all the wonderful decorations is very important. Make sure to capture a good shot of this before the wedding party starts.

  1. The First Dance

A picture of the wedding couple swaying to tune of their favorite music for their very first dance as a couple is another not-to-be-missed shot.   Wedding photographer derby never misses taking a shot of this precious moment.

  1. Group Shot at the Wedding Party

A group shot will all the guests in it will surely be treasure by the couple. Position yourself in a spot where you everybody can be included in the picture. Use the right lens and check your camera settings so you can get this shot right.

You can also ask the couple on what shots they want you to include so you don’t miss anything. They can either give you a checklist or you can prepare one with their suggestions in it.

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